Thursday, July 1, 2010

How much are you worth?

Not monetary, how much are you worth in health? Too often we forget that we only get one body and we best well take care of it or it will literally bite us in the ass in high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, clogged arteries, you name it.

So how much time do you devote to taking care of your body? I strive for a minimum of 30minutes 6 days a week, and a maximum of 1.5 hours some days.

Muscle is so much prettier than fat.
Would you rather look at this?

Or This:

When you look in the mirror. Muscle takes up less room than fat too, you can weigh the same but wear smaller clothes. So what's not to like, sure workout takes time, but really isn't that why they invented dvr's so you can dvr your tv shows and do other things like take care of yourself, unless you really like that feeling of your ass getting larger that is.