Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anyone can go a mile

I liked that comment from Biggest Loser last night. Bob basically said, irregardless of your age, sex, etc, you should be able to walk, jog, run a mile and not fall on your face.

If a mile seems long, think of it as 2000 steps. You should be walking at least 2000 steps during your day. If your not, then your bound to your bed, unable to move, either from being ill and frail,
someone has tied you to your bed(that's a whole another matter there, either very good or very bad)

or you are trapped in your bed due to your weight.

It's amazing the contestants this year, their sizes and their stories. Two people's stories left me wanting to cheer them, then they left me down. They didn't have the drive or determination to want it bad enough.
One was Anna, whose 3 year old son passed from cancer.

I thought for sure she would do it for her son's memory, but she didn't have it in her yet. She let the whiny naggy voice we all have in our heads get to her and dictate her actions.

The other was Shanna,

the breast cancer survivor. I knew immediately by her hair she was a cancer survivor, in face a stage 3 survivor, been through chemo and radiation.(Been there, it's a hard battle to fight) So I expected great things from her, but she too wasn't ready. She didn't have that inner voice that says "No you don't need to eat that, yes you do need to some HITT."

Then there was Lisa.

She found out her daughter was basically becoming anorexic to avoid looking like her, and she used that to drive her. The need to show your child that no matter what the odds, what you are fighting, you can give it all and you can come out on top. So I look forward to seeing her progress, using that inner voice to fuel her journey to being healthy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Running from the Fat Monster

I like to think that way.

Whenever I work out, I envision a glob made of lard, coming at me, just wanting to grasp me

I can't let it get me or I'll become it's a meal. So I work out harder. Why? Because I don't have to outrun the glob, I just need to outrun some out of shape guy, let him become the blobs meal.

It's all about mind games. Your mind is your most versatile muscle. It's capable of causing you to soar to unimaginable heights or plummet to deep dispair. It's the organ the stops you from pushing your limits. That naggy whiny voice in your head that prevents you from running harder, lifting more. It's the organ that will cause you to become a zombie meal.

Blade makes an easy staking with this fat monster:

See even vampires can be out of shape.

Last but not least, don't be the person that hides from the fat monster, becoming a shut in, trapped in your own self loathing.

Take a look at the Fat Monster and tell him to KISS YOUR ASS and run, keeping an eye out for someone you can trip so they can become a victim, not you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

You're too skinny

Had a doctor say that to me, "You're too skinny to lift weights, you don't have enough body fat, makes you more prone to injury" Uh what the He** did you just say???

I'm too skinny? Uh hello, I'm not skinny, I'm fit. No body fat, and easily put on muscle?? OMG are you crazy, do you have my chart there in front of you??? Do you see how I was 5 years ago??? Plent of body fat, very little muscle.

I was flabbergasted. I went to have my shoulder checked out, it's been bugging me. I've had bursitis since I was 18 years old from old car wreck, but it hasn't gotten better. I must admit he had a valid suggestion for a MRI, make sure no old injury from that wreck when I was a teenager. They never did xrays or MRI's, why? from the time I was 13 til about 19, my parents only really went to a chiropractor, thus I only went to chiro. Now there is nothing wrong with seeing a chiropractor, but I've found out years later I had a broken rib from that wreck, I had no clue, makes sense the pain in my side back then.

So back to being too "skinny"

This is too skinny, not me. I'm solid, I'm not easily picked up, Hell you might hurt yourself trying to pick me up.

Yep there I am with my perfect pushups, working it, far from being skinny.

I was just amazed. He seemed to think all weight lifting was bad, it was all I could do not to laugh at him. I wanted to say "Skinny? Easily put on muscle. Come watch me work out, there is no easy way to put on muscle other than hard work."

Muscle is important, helps us to function in everyday life. The sad fact is by the time we reach our 50's and beyond, most of us will have little muscle, which will result in us walking around, getting the classic hunch backed look you see in so many elderly people.

Now I sure as Hell don't want to use a cane or look like

when I'm older, so my skinny ass will still be weight lifting.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I want an arse like that!

That is what popped thru my head when I first saw those Reebok Easy Tone commericals.

So I got some of their shoes in January. Well that was my first mistake. I live in Ohio. We have snow in January, so I didn't wear them. We had snow in February, so again I didn't wear them, about the end of March I got them out to wear them and one week later, the bottom of the damn shoe came off. Needless to say the store wouldn't take them back, past their deadline. I "fixed" them temporarily with some tiny nails, until the nail came out.

So I was needless to say a little peeved, I mean I wanted an arse like that one in the commercial, but here the damn shoe fell apart within a week! I mean in that commercial do you see Arse girl falling or tripping because her shoe came apart??? Uh no. Then I wondered if it was really a woman who's arse is flaunting around.

I use to work for an insurance company where a guy one year dressed up like Wonder Woman.

and damn if is arse didn't look awesome in that outfit, he shaved his legs and everything for it. Hell it might be him in that commercial, I mean this guy had an arse that most women would kill for in a bathing suit. Guys seldom have to deal with cellulite on their arses or thighs, and there's a reason we don't see anything but the arse and legs in the commercial besides they're selling shoes.

I honestly think its a guy doing the commercial. Still they should have the common decency to show the damn shoe falling apart as he's running around in his short shorts.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So do you do......?

fill in the blank, The Zone, South Beach, Atkins, weightloss shakes, diet plan, blah, blah, blah.

What's your magic pill, drink, workout, plan. Uh guess there is not one magic solution to being in shape. OH I guess there is one, go back in time and tell your teenage self "Don't eat all that crap! LIft some weights, run, don't walk, that's the key to staying young"

Though I have the vague feeling my teenage self would've said "WTH are you? You're old, why should I listen to you, I can eat whatever I want to!"

So like I said there is no magic do this, and you will look 10 years younger. Everyone is different, we're unique. If someone tries to sell you some cookie cutter one plan, one diet fits all, well to put it mildly, they are full of SH*T!

Research, try different food plans, try different ways of working out, it will take you a while to figure out what works for you. I wish there was a magic drink; drink this and your ass will look like an 18 year olds, but there isn't.

It takes hard work. Yep hard work, you should be a sweaty stinky mess after a workout, if you're not, well you didn't work out. You should be eating real food. Yep real food, no magic shakes, cookies, no eat this 1200 calorie plan and you'll look awesome.

1200 calories and most of us would be crazy lunatics, ready to snap the most innocent person's head off for even saying hi to us. Hell at 1200 calories, I'd probably be out stalking someone in the woods, ready to become a cannibal.

So as much as we'd love it to be true, there is no one size fits all when it comes to health. Find what works for you, not what works for your neighbor. Find someone who writes a training plan, nutrition plan for you, not some cookie cutter plan. Work hard, and you'll be rewarded.