Friday, September 10, 2010

You're too skinny

Had a doctor say that to me, "You're too skinny to lift weights, you don't have enough body fat, makes you more prone to injury" Uh what the He** did you just say???

I'm too skinny? Uh hello, I'm not skinny, I'm fit. No body fat, and easily put on muscle?? OMG are you crazy, do you have my chart there in front of you??? Do you see how I was 5 years ago??? Plent of body fat, very little muscle.

I was flabbergasted. I went to have my shoulder checked out, it's been bugging me. I've had bursitis since I was 18 years old from old car wreck, but it hasn't gotten better. I must admit he had a valid suggestion for a MRI, make sure no old injury from that wreck when I was a teenager. They never did xrays or MRI's, why? from the time I was 13 til about 19, my parents only really went to a chiropractor, thus I only went to chiro. Now there is nothing wrong with seeing a chiropractor, but I've found out years later I had a broken rib from that wreck, I had no clue, makes sense the pain in my side back then.

So back to being too "skinny"

This is too skinny, not me. I'm solid, I'm not easily picked up, Hell you might hurt yourself trying to pick me up.

Yep there I am with my perfect pushups, working it, far from being skinny.

I was just amazed. He seemed to think all weight lifting was bad, it was all I could do not to laugh at him. I wanted to say "Skinny? Easily put on muscle. Come watch me work out, there is no easy way to put on muscle other than hard work."

Muscle is important, helps us to function in everyday life. The sad fact is by the time we reach our 50's and beyond, most of us will have little muscle, which will result in us walking around, getting the classic hunch backed look you see in so many elderly people.

Now I sure as Hell don't want to use a cane or look like

when I'm older, so my skinny ass will still be weight lifting.

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