Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Running from the Fat Monster

I like to think that way.

Whenever I work out, I envision a glob made of lard, coming at me, just wanting to grasp me

I can't let it get me or I'll become it's a meal. So I work out harder. Why? Because I don't have to outrun the glob, I just need to outrun some out of shape guy, let him become the blobs meal.

It's all about mind games. Your mind is your most versatile muscle. It's capable of causing you to soar to unimaginable heights or plummet to deep dispair. It's the organ the stops you from pushing your limits. That naggy whiny voice in your head that prevents you from running harder, lifting more. It's the organ that will cause you to become a zombie meal.

Blade makes an easy staking with this fat monster:

See even vampires can be out of shape.

Last but not least, don't be the person that hides from the fat monster, becoming a shut in, trapped in your own self loathing.

Take a look at the Fat Monster and tell him to KISS YOUR ASS and run, keeping an eye out for someone you can trip so they can become a victim, not you!

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