Thursday, September 9, 2010

I want an arse like that!

That is what popped thru my head when I first saw those Reebok Easy Tone commericals.

So I got some of their shoes in January. Well that was my first mistake. I live in Ohio. We have snow in January, so I didn't wear them. We had snow in February, so again I didn't wear them, about the end of March I got them out to wear them and one week later, the bottom of the damn shoe came off. Needless to say the store wouldn't take them back, past their deadline. I "fixed" them temporarily with some tiny nails, until the nail came out.

So I was needless to say a little peeved, I mean I wanted an arse like that one in the commercial, but here the damn shoe fell apart within a week! I mean in that commercial do you see Arse girl falling or tripping because her shoe came apart??? Uh no. Then I wondered if it was really a woman who's arse is flaunting around.

I use to work for an insurance company where a guy one year dressed up like Wonder Woman.

and damn if is arse didn't look awesome in that outfit, he shaved his legs and everything for it. Hell it might be him in that commercial, I mean this guy had an arse that most women would kill for in a bathing suit. Guys seldom have to deal with cellulite on their arses or thighs, and there's a reason we don't see anything but the arse and legs in the commercial besides they're selling shoes.

I honestly think its a guy doing the commercial. Still they should have the common decency to show the damn shoe falling apart as he's running around in his short shorts.

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