Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anyone can go a mile

I liked that comment from Biggest Loser last night. Bob basically said, irregardless of your age, sex, etc, you should be able to walk, jog, run a mile and not fall on your face.

If a mile seems long, think of it as 2000 steps. You should be walking at least 2000 steps during your day. If your not, then your bound to your bed, unable to move, either from being ill and frail,
someone has tied you to your bed(that's a whole another matter there, either very good or very bad)

or you are trapped in your bed due to your weight.

It's amazing the contestants this year, their sizes and their stories. Two people's stories left me wanting to cheer them, then they left me down. They didn't have the drive or determination to want it bad enough.
One was Anna, whose 3 year old son passed from cancer.

I thought for sure she would do it for her son's memory, but she didn't have it in her yet. She let the whiny naggy voice we all have in our heads get to her and dictate her actions.

The other was Shanna,

the breast cancer survivor. I knew immediately by her hair she was a cancer survivor, in face a stage 3 survivor, been through chemo and radiation.(Been there, it's a hard battle to fight) So I expected great things from her, but she too wasn't ready. She didn't have that inner voice that says "No you don't need to eat that, yes you do need to some HITT."

Then there was Lisa.

She found out her daughter was basically becoming anorexic to avoid looking like her, and she used that to drive her. The need to show your child that no matter what the odds, what you are fighting, you can give it all and you can come out on top. So I look forward to seeing her progress, using that inner voice to fuel her journey to being healthy.

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  1. Anna's story made me sad, but when she started acting like a whiny crying drama queen on the 1 mile run I was like "hope she doesn't make it on the show". Of course, they will get their chance to get on, but at least it wasn't last night. She looked like she didn't even really try.
    And Shanna - let me just say Jake and I were about to mute the TV because she has the most annoying shrill voice ever and I said if she makes it on the show we'll have to mute every time she comes on!
    How about that guy that faceplanted right before the finish line? If I had been the contestant behind him I would have stopped to help him. I wouldn't have skated by and made it onto the show because someone else tripped. I'm saying right now Tina is not going to be one of my faves right off the bat after she ran right past him laying there. If he'd given up and sat down, fine. But to fall? Nope, I'd have taken the loss before running past him.
    I really wanted the guy in the first city to make it on. When his little boy came over and helped him count it out, that was sweet. Maybe he'll get on later in the season.
    Most of the people I wanted on made it. I felt so bad for that girl whose dad blamed her for her brother's death. She was 3 years old! She shouldn't have had to supervise a younger child in the pool at 3. And how about the girl whose mom dragged her by the hair and slapped and beat her because she was fat? Ugh. There was one other girl who made it on that I didn't like. She looked like she had a bad attitude and will probably be obnoxious. Can't remember her name though.